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    How to Get Real Instagram Followers Naturally and Organically

    You know how it goes—you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed and notice a big jump in followers for one of your competitors, and you think to yourself, “How can I get more real Instagram followers naturally and organically like they did?”

    We hear you! The truth is, getting real Instagram followers isn’t always easy. It takes time, effort, and dedication if you want to do it the right way. But don’t worry! We’re here to give you the lowdown on all the tips and tricks that can help you get real Instagram followers naturally and organically.

    From optimizing your bio to staying active on stories, we’ll share everything you need to know about cultivating a following that’s full of high-quality, engaged users instead of just faceless numbers. Ready to start growing your account? Let’s get into it then!

    Post Engaging and Shareable Content

    When it comes to getting real Instagram followers, the golden rule is to post engaging and shareable content. People love to interact with creative and captivating content, so you should make sure your content stands out from the crowd. Post images and videos that your followers would want to watch or share with their network. Keep your timeline active by posting regularly and maintaining consistency in your posts.

    You can also include hashtags in your posts as they help in increasing the visibility of your posts. Make sure you use relevant hashtags that are closely related to the content you’re posting. Plus, leave comments on other people’s posts as well as thank those who commented on yours—engaging with others is a great way to build relationships which can turn into real Instagram followers eventually.

    Use Popular and Trending Hashtags

    Using popular and trending hashtags is another great way to connect with new potential followers or people who could be interested in your content. When you use trending hashtags, you will start receiving a higher visibility and engagement. You can use tools like Hashtagify to find the best hashtags related to your niche that are being used by other Instagram users.

    It is also important to use keywords related to your content as hashtags. This will help your posts get discovered more easily by people who are specifically looking for what you’re offering. All you have to do is make sure that the keywords are relevant and that they consistently match the content you post on Instagram. This way, anyone who clicks on the hashtag will be able to find connections between all of your posts.

    Follow Others and Like Their Posts

    Another great way to get real Instagram followers is by following and liking other’s posts.

    Following other users is an easy way to let them know about your presence on Instagram and draw their attention. They might follow you back if they find your profile interesting.

    Besides following others, you can also like their posts and leave kind comments on them so they can remember you. You can also watch their stories, reply to their queries, or even DM them suggesting collaboration. This will make them more likely to follow you and even check out your content.

    You should select relevant profiles and focus on those who have similar interests as yours or those who could be interested in what your profile has to offer. Moreover, try to be strategic about it. Don’t appear too desperate; that might push people away from you instead of drawing them in towards you.

    Tag Other Instagram Users in Your Posts

    Another great way to get authentic Instagram followers is to tag other Instagram users in your posts. This will show your post in their mentions feed, and they are more likely to follow you back. Moreover, this strategy will help you to build strong relationships with established and relevant Instagram influencers or brands and get engaged in meaningful conversations. You can also re-share their content as it will help to strengthen the connection.

    You can also opt for commenting on their posts; it is an effective way to grab the attention of an influencer or a brand and entice them into following you on Instagram. Just make sure that you are not just randomly posting comments; rather, give thoughtful feedbacks related to the content they’ve posted. Also, do not forget to mention your Instagram handle, so they can easily navigate back to your profile.

    Having a good number of organic followers on Instagram is essential for anyone who wants to become successful on the platform, so it is important that one knows how to get real Instagram followers naturally and organically without relying too much on automated tools or improper techniques such as buying fake followers.

    Host Contests and Giveaways

    If you want to get organic followers on Instagram, one of the most effective ways to do it is by hosting contests and giveaways. People love winning something for free and it encourages them to follow you and engage with your content. Just make sure that the rules of the contest are explicitly stated in the post, so people don’t have any confusion about their participation.

    Also, try to make a giveaway or contest more exciting by adding more rewards for more participants. This way, you can generate more engagement and followers for your Instagram profile. Moreover, when announcing a winner, always tag them in your post so that all of your followers can see who won the contest or giveaway. This will not only increase engagement but also makes them trust in your brand.

    Use Free Instagram Growth Tools to Track Your Followers

    If you want to stay ahead of the curve and gain real followers on Instagram, then you should use free Instagram growth tools. These tools are an ideal way to track your progress and growth. You can easily track metrics like follower count, post engagement and reach, as well as many others.

    Here’s what these free tools will help you do:

    • Determine your best-performing content
    • Understand your audience better
    • Analyze competitor performance
    • Identify trend topics related to your niche
    • Generate insights on who engages with your posts
    • And more!

    These tools will help you identify gaps in your Instagram marketing strategy and offer solutions that will help you boost organic growth. By understanding data and metrics, you can plan content better and get a bigger following in no time.


    It’s clear that you can’t simply buy real Instagram followers, but it is still possible to cultivate legitimate, authentic followers through organic means. You can’t just purchase success, you have to be willing to put in the extra effort to ensure you’re consistently producing targeted, high-quality content that is truly geared toward the goal of your brand.

    It takes time, but don’t get discouraged. Keep in mind that the key to success on Instagram lies in consistency and creativity. If you focus on providing your audience with the highest level of quality content along with engaging with them regularly, then the followers will come. Remember, the more you nurture your followers and offer them great content, the more they will engage with you and spread the word — resulting in more organic followers.

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